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YMG "Yuri Music Group" Entertainment (named after the founder's daughter) provides a platform and nurturing environment for new and upcoming talent looking to pursue a music career. We are a team of Grammy award-winning producers and song-writers with an on-site recording studio and practice room. We are currently seeking artists who are talented, passionate, and self-motivated.

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We make it our business to work hard to support your dreams! YMG Entertainment provides High Quality Services to meet the needs of various individuals and businesses. Our goal is to exceed all expectations, stepping out of the “box” and setting new trends.



HEATHER KIM - With a mind for business & a heart for music, Heather Kim is the founder of the first Korean-American record label in Atlanta, GA. Entrepreneurship was always her ultimate goal and the music industry is the ground to plant her flag. Combining solid business experience with years of music training was a natural endeavor bringing together the best of both worlds.
Kim’s background is two-fold: a musical path that would eventually be underscored and supported by an intense and thorough business education. Her early years were defined by love of classical music through immersion in piano and clarinet. In high school, mastery of the clarinet led to selection for Georgia’s Governor’s Honors Program, a residential summer educational program for gifted students. Receiving music scholarship offers from U.S. colleges, Kim elected to forego music to pursue bachelor’s and master’s chemistry degrees from the Georgia Institute of Technology known for its competitive entrance admissions and rigorous curriculum.
Armed with two technical degrees, she tackled Tech’s selective MBA program. Pouring herself into several business outlets increased her exposure to all facets of founding, building and supporting the entrepreneurial start-up community. After acquiring her MBA, she worked in management positions for various corporations. Heather Kim was born in South Korea. She credits a lot of her drive for success to her father, who brought his family from Korea to Atlanta with only $300 in his pocket when she was four years old. She watched him convert an abandoned restaurant into a successful nightclub, where he performed as a musician, and turn around the fortunes of a small convenience store before starting successful companies.


We will make sure all photography and artwork fit your style and genre of music.


We will create a proper strategy to optimize your time in the studio and production hours.

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